Global Recognition

Picnic Party at Ctesiphon, August 1921. The seated party includes Gertrude Bell and King Faisal.

The Gertrude Bell Archive held at Newcastle University has been recognised by UNESCO  as a collection of global significance. Because of the places Bell visited during the times that she visited them, the evidence of such held within the archives is significantly important to  the memories of our time and beyond.

Dr Mark Jackson, co-curator and guardian of the Gertrude Bell Photographic Archive at Newcastle University, said: “The archive represents a priceless and unparalleled source of documentary heritage for a very important period of societal change that continues to have significance for our own times.“

There is only one other UK University held archive featured on the International Memory of the World Register .

It is hoped that this recognition will aid the University in increasing access to the archive through further digitisation as well as working with communities as our project, Beyond Destruction has done.


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