Sharing Stories

???????????????????????????????There is still a generation of people in the North East who have living memories, connections, with the generation of Black, Asian and ethnic minority men and women who were involved in the First World War in one way or another; be that supporting the men on the frontlines or supplying the resources for them through working on the home front. When there is living memory, there are still those feelings, that enthusiasm, to preserve and share these histories. It’s that spark from this personal contact which can bring these histories to life for this and future generations.

There is a need to tell the hidden and forgotten stories that ancestors have passed on about the war. There is evidence available through the Imperial War Museum which gives a general overview of the First World War, with some references to the colonial troops contribution. But there are very few individual stories to add to this history; a tip of the iceberg.

This project needs your help through the sharing of your stories. Take this opportunity to contribute to the stories about your ancestors involvement within the war, as well as contributing individual, other voices that have the potential to provide a more balanced story of the Great War.

Please get in contact with us for more information about how you can contribute your story to this project:

2 comments on “Sharing Stories

  1. I recently completed a family tree for a close friend Micky Dad, his ancestor was Ali Dad a merchant seaman who was torpedoed off South Shields, after being rescued he was again torpedoed and drowned, He and his comrades were supporting the British Navy and helped to protect this country, he a man from the Punjab with many others died for us. he was on the SS Botavan saved by HMS Trinidad, the ship he died on.


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