The Paul Nash Exhibtion Visit


In December 2017, the Otherness Project started with a visit to the Laing Art Gallery to see the Paul Nash exhibition. With the support of a gallery assistant as well as a historian the group of 10 girls were introduced to the First World War paintings that Nash created during the war as the official war artist. These images depicted the destruction of the First World War on the French and Belgium landscapes as well as the traumatic experience it was for all those involved.
The participants learnt how to read these paintings and were able to connect to the imagery on a very emotional and intelligent level as they brought their own experiences to what they saw through colours and symbolism.

This was an excellent introduction for the group to the aims and objectives of the whole project as they had the opportunity to get to know all the professionals and volunteers involved in the project in a relaxed and enjoyable experience.

The Otherness Project

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