Beyond Destruction Workshop – 1

On Saturday 27 May, the project’s first community workshop took place within the Robinson Library, Newcastle University.

Eleven people participated in this workshop. From the beginning, participants were introduced to the project, the workshop aims and objectives.

For this workshop, it was important for the group to be introduced to the Gertrude Bell archive with the Robinson Library. Once within the archives, the participants were able to explore specific images and knowledge in relation to places of worship. These images, books and documents were used to further discussions and reflections in relation to specific places in the Middle East and differences between histories and cultures and languages.

There were also some activities specifically catered for the children that linked into the themes and areas of study.

Responses to the archives, stories and ideas were collected using questionnaires, audio recordings as well as workshop evaluations. .

Participants enjoyed the workshop. The workshop activities stimulated them to contribute to their heritage and understand its importance for future generations.
Further workshops are scheduled to follow.

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