Working on the maps

The past few weeks has seen research within the archives held at the City Library, Tyne and Wear Museum Archives Services and a couple of visits to the Oriental Museum in Durham.

We are complying dossiers for the individuals we find who were involved and in  the First World War in some way from ethnic minority communities.

It is exciting times as we are able to put faces to the names we have found also. More to follow here as we start to showcase a few of the servicemen we have found.

The next step has been to use this primary source material to develop our educational resources that we will use next year in our educational workshops in local schools next year. The results of these will be seen by the region as they will be displayed within Tyne and Wear Metro trains and stations.

But until then we complete the adapted suitcase that will be taken into schools as a motivational tool. Here are original poems,  text, images and maps that have been created and altered to take into account the diversity of the people involved in the First World War.


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