The Beyond The Western Front Suitcase

At the back end of 2014, identity on tyne, as a group, enjoyed a number of creative workshops with Dawn Felicia Knox, representing the Book Apothecary.

IMG_9187    IMG_9170-001
After floating a number of ideas, individuals were sent off to create a poem in response to ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’  by Wilfred Owen. Once these poems were created, group members had to decide how these poems would be presented in the adapted suitcase which included a number of wooden boxes and one large light box in the middle of them all.

IMG_9192   IMG_9207

Ultimately this suitcase is going to be used in the educational workshops that should start at the back end of 2015, so whatever was created had to be able to withstand a lot of handling and transportation.

One result which involved all the poems created for the case, was to cut all the poems up into individual lines. These lines could then be used in creating new work through moving a selection of lines on the centre light box. It means that this resource will have unlimited creative potential as every individual could form a new poem.

Hopefully these will be captured somehow so that the content of this suitcase can keep on growing with poems and words related to the First World War.

IMG_9196   IMG_9184-001

The different text and image artist books created with the poems wrote by identity on tyne members are diverse as well as beautiful. It is hoped that these will be used as talking points and inspiration with the next generation of writers within the schools this project will work with.

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